Curriculum- Religious Education

Youth Ministry Team Festival

Year 6 pupils attend the annual Youth Ministry Team festival at Emmaus Village at Allensford. This provides a valuable opportunity to reflect upon our successes in primary school and helps us to prepare for our journey ahead as we move to secondary school.

School Mission Statement

Pupil, staff and governors revised our School Mission Statement in 2015.  Pupils worked on designs for a sculpture to reflect the content of the Mission Statement. Artist, James Anderson created our school tree and it stands in our school entrance as a celebration of our mission, ethos and beliefs.

Saints Day

On Thursday 9th February we celebrated a special Saints Day. We all belong to a house team in our school and these are named after important Northern Saints. We are either Saint Aidan, Saint Caedmon or Saint Hilda. We began the day with a special assembly and then split into our house teams. Mrs Henson took Saint Aidan team, Mrs Urwin had Saint Caedmon team and Miss Grogan worked with Saint Hilda team. Miss Crilly and Mrs Cruise took groups of children to take part in art projects in the hall. We found out about our Saints and did some wonderful and exciting activities throughout the day.

These activities included, making a bishop’s mitre, making puppets, writing and performing our own hymns and making models out of clay. We were very happy to take our work home but you can see some of our work displayed in school. At the end of the day we had a celebration assembly where we were able to share the work we had done. Some children made powerpoints to show. One child said it was the ‘best day ever’.